Luxury + Utility

Our carefully handcrafted goods are born from our love of modern, minimal aesthetics and a growing need for keenly designed goods that keep the creative lifestyle in mind. As a collective of multimedia designers ourselves, we know the care that goes into one’s craft, and the tools that have become extensions of ourselves to do so. We thoughtfully developed each nook, pocket and space of our goods so that the tools we use to create with daily are always at our fingertips. Each in its intended place without ever having to sacrifice clean, streamlined style for function. Our leather bags and accessories live perfectly at the crossroads of luxury and utility.

Founders Will Campbell & Will Johnson have worked side-by-side for nearly a decade and made their names in the advertising industry as Gentleman Scholar. Over the years they have established themselves as behind the scenes tastemakers for brands such as Lexus, Skull Candy, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Coca-Cola, PlayStation & Cadillac.

Scholar MFG. is the manifestation of their desire to create something lasting and physical.



Our clean and modern aesthetic is built around the desire to evolve away from excess towards quality, sustainability, and individuality. Our leather is sourced from Italian tanneries and vegetable dyed to ensure a comfort as well as its look. Every Scholar MFG. product is handmade in limited volumes to ensure the maximum quality and minimal impact on the environment. Scholar Mfg. practices packaging reduction. Our conservative packaging reduces waste wile preserving the customer experience.



At Gentleman Scholar our multidisciplinary approach to advertising and filmmaking has defined us as designers. In our desire to create something that is real and something that is pure we created SMFG. Lead by William Campbell, Scholar MFG. has transitioned our skills as designers and taste makers from the digital and into the realm of the physical. SMFG is an artful neoluxury leather brand based proudly in Los Angeles, California.

Scholar MFG. is an artful neoluxury leather brand based proudly in Los Angeles, California.